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Do you write resumes for ALL types of engineering employment objectives?
Indeed, we do! While there exists, admittedly, huge stylistic disparities between the types of resumes required for various engineering jobs, our team has extensive experience with all of them. Whether you're a civil engineer...a mechanical engineer...a chemical engineer...a software engineer...or ANYTHING in between, we CAN help YOU get the job interviews YOU want!

Can my new resume be custom tailored towards a particular job to which I am applying?
Of course! The first question asked on our secure order form is about your OBJECTIVE. Use that question's answer field to input a description of the job to which you are applying OR include a link to the web page where your desired job is advertised. The writer who is assigned to your resume will design it specifically to appeal to THAT employer. At your option, you may also request that we create additional versions of your resume to cater to different employment objectives.

How can I be GUARANTEED that you'll do a good job?
Writing professional resumes is our BUSINESS. Every year since the mid-1990s, we've helped thousands of engineers achieve their career objectives by using the letter-perfect, job-winning resumes we created for them. Don't believe us? We're confident that our samples provide strong evidence of our abilities. Even more convincing, however, should be the fact that we are willing to provide a FREE review, critique, & sample re-write of YOUR current resume. E-mail it to us and SEE for yourself what we can do!

I'm ready to start.. What do I do?
Ordering your new resume is EASY! Click the "hire us" button found anywhere at Engineering-Resumes.Com. An online questionnaire form will enable you to enter information about your work & related experience and/or attach your current resume.  Shortly after submitting your payment securely, we'll confirm your order on-screen, evaluate your project, assign it to the best individuals for the job, and start the process of designing YOUR new job-winning resume! At any time during the writing process, you can log in and correspond with your selected resume writer(s) via our customer service center or phone our general helpline at 1-800-494-1131.

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